It's your brilliant idea. We just help you start it right.

Are you a brilliant and self-motivated computer geek? Are you envisioning a prototype of the next coolest idea, but need a little direction in launching and boosting your business with your pals?

You are at the right place!

At LV, we are all about seeking the best talents and ideas to work with. We are different from the incubators and VCs because we don’t just want to be your money partner (although we can still help on that!), but instead we want to be right there for you from the beginning. We think that doing things right the first time around and building strong personal relationships are very important in the fastest pace of internet age. We will help you avoid all the common mistakes and make every piece of the time and money investment —both yours and ours — counts. And we don’t want to take equity and power away from you — we much rather that you want us to be part of your team.

Drop us a line and let’s meet at a café or bar to discover how our clients have become partners and long term friends while working with us. We are not the consultants you would normally know. We can be your sounding board, your source of knowledge and guidance, or just a friend to talk to when going through the stressful time of the start-up period.