It's your brilliant idea. We just help you start it right.

Lobgesang Ventures is a full-service consulting firm for pre-Series A technology start-ups and talented entrepreneurs like you.

Inspired by the concept Mendelssohn used to create his grand Symphony No. 2 “Lobgesang” - a symphony for soloists, chorus and orchestra, LV’s vision as a company is to help you develop your smart ideas by harmonizing them into one masterpiece and orchestrating it in the right direction.

We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We can provide you with the following so you can focus on the technical development of your products and visions:

  • Incorporation advices and business development
  • Innovative design process on product development
  • Business plan preparation
  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Budget management, financial projection and evaluation
  • Deal due diligence
  • System architecture review
  • Technical partners referral
  • Professional service referral
  • Funding sources referral